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Guns & Smokes

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

The state of Arizona is missing out on such an obvious and very rich source of income I can’t believe legislators haven’t already thought of it. Taxes on guns and ammunition! It’s not gun control, it’s simply recouping the societal cost of gun ownership. No one can deny that guns come with a huge cost to society. From the cost of incarcerating people who use guns in the commission of a crime to the medical costs for people killed or injured by guns, the price tag is astronomical. Sure, people have a right to own guns. They also have a right to smoke cigarettes. Both take a heavy toll on society, so why not tax guns to the same extent we tax smokes? And do you know how cheap a gun license is? Way too cheap.

Of course, you can’t tax illegal guns. But if the price of a legal weapon is high enough illegal gun dealers can raise their prices (just cheaper than legal weapons) thus shutting out buyers who can’t afford guns. Small time crooks would have to resort to knives.

Come on, legislature! Balance the budget by taxing guns and ammo.